Halliburton released a statement today stating that the oil industry in the U.S. is on the fast track for another boom. Right next to that story is another one… Retail industry has laid off 44,000 employees in 2016 to date.  There are major store closing going on across the nation. Some of this can be attributed to on-line sales. But only a small percentage of it. People like to get out and shop. The restaurant industry is reporting a vast decrease in customer flow. People are eating out way less than normal.

What I can’t figure is the latest jobs report numbers. 255,000 jobs added last month. As I reported in an earlier post, the majority of new ‘Jobs’ are part time, minimum wage numbers. With the advent of Obama Care, companies are adjusting by eliminating as many full time, benefited, positions as possible. So, with the loss of 44,000 jobs so far this year in the retail sector, and the 200,000 oil industry related jobs lost this year, and to bring in the actual number of people who are unemployed and have simply given up on finding work, that would put the jobs created number in the negative category. So much for the 5% unemployment being touted.

Folks, there are some serious people predicting a massive collapse of the global market schemes. What I would suggest we do as a solution is to start buying food…shelf stable foods. Stockpile water and as much food as possible under your budget constraints.  Buy ammo. You don’t need a gazillion rounds, but ammo is relatively inexpensive right now. So I would suggest at least 1,000 rounds per weapon. Even if this comes to nothing, you can eat the food and shoot the ammo. But, I promise you, if it does, you will be really glad to have the stuff.